How to have a good cell phone signal in your RV/truck


Recreational vehicle (RV) life is capturing Americans’ heart like never before. The cheaper life, flexible travel, connection with nature, nice view and exciting adventure all appeal to RVers. Although the RV life has a lot of advantage, it also has many differences from building life. If you want to have an comfortable and safe RV life, there are 6 tips you must know.

1. Ensure to have a good cell phone signal

Today, smartphone has become the most important tool for people to chat, socialize and work. The latest research shows that 97.5% of Americans have a mobile phone, and nearly 6 out of 10 Americans use their phones to surf internet. A poor cell phone signal will bring a very uncomfortable experience to your RV life. Dropped calls and slow data speeds will always be with you. When you are away from RV campgrounds and have a problem that you can't solve, a good cell phone signal will be the only tool you have to ask for help. If you are experiencing the problem of weak cell phone signal in your RV life, we will help you to get rid of it. We have developed a booster for RV. 

Our booster supports all carriers, multi-user and multi-device. One booster can boost all cell phones in your RV. It is a perfect booster for RV because of lower price and higher quality. It is suitable for all types of RV and truck. Its communication distance is further than other boosters for vehicle. It is also adaptable to extreme weather and extreme terrain. An extension pole is added in the kit, you can adjust the height of the outside antenna according to your actual situation. You can enjoy boosted signal both on road and at RV campgrounds. DC (12V), AC (110V) power adapter and 3D-FB cable are included in the kit for use, the 3D-FB cable is softer, lighter and easier to wire. Our boosters have a three-year manufacturers warranty, 30-day money-back guarantee and perfect after-sales service. Our booster will make you enjoy a safer and convenient RV life.

2. Cost of RV life

Most people calculate their expenses everyday or every week. When you think about those expenses, please don’t forget the costs of RV insurance and camping spots at sites around the country. Temporary stays can be inexpensive, while longer stays will involve you using the local utilities which can rack up costs.

3. Maintain your RV regularly

The RV ,like a house, also need to be maintained regularly. Oil changes and tire rotation are crucial things when you maintain your RV. Under normal circumstances, you should change your oil between 3000-5000 miles.

If your RV is going to be idle for a while, please remember to keep your generator lively by running it for a couple of hours a month. Brakes and tires are the guarantee of your safety, So please make sure they can work properly at any time.

4. Prepare a RV departure checklist

There is nothing like getting on the road and finding out that you forgot to unplug your shore power cord. I don't believe anyone can remember everything with just his brain. There is a saying: A memorandum is better than a super brain. A checklist will help you to ensure you don’t forget anything.

5. Know the height of your rig

You need to know the height of your RV to prevent your RV from getting stuck on the overpass. After all, it's still embarrassing.

6. Prepare enough tools 

Because there will be all sorts of little problems with the RV while you're traveling. If you have right tools, you will solve those problems easily. If you don’t have anything, even a small thing also will become a big trouble. If you are a wizard, you can ignore the advice ( it’s just a joke, i hope it can make you happy in your business day).

We recommend a basic tool kit should be prepared. It should include screwdriver or cordless drill, a few different bits, some screws, an electrical tester, wrenches like a torque wrench and so on.

Our company has many different kinds of booster, our products can meet your demands for cell phone signal in any scenario. If you would like to know other information, please visit our website: or email us at, we will provide you with more professional answers. SolidRF will be your best choice!


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