White RG6 Digital Coaxial Cable( F-Male Connector)

White RG6 Digital Coaxial Cable( F-Male Connector)

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SolidRF White RG6 Digital Coaxial Cable Shielded PVC with Premium Continuous Ground Brass Metal Compression F-Male Connectors

1. Low loss cable for exceptional signal and picture quality, even over long runs. Works great indoors and outdoors, with a highly durable weather proof and UV resistant PVC outer jacket. High quality consistent 75 Ohms throughout the whole cable.

2. High quality connectors will not pull off, break, lose signal, come lose and are water proof using a redundant double seal at each end of the connector.

3.High frequency range with an 18 AWG center conductor to cover almost all services and providers that range from at least 2.3MHz to 3.0GHz, with exceptional shielding - using 60% braid and 100% shield.5.Works with any SolidRF in-building Amp equipped with F connectors