Signal Plus cell phone booster for multi room or two story home office

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  1. All aluminum housing. Excellent heat dissipation and electromagnetic radiation protection
  2. High gain. Up to 70dB, pick up weak signal over long distance.Enhances the signal up to 10000x, with a coverage area of 5,000 Sq ft and up. (Note: Coverage area range depends on the outdoor signal level: 1-2 Bars (-100dBm) ~1,000 sq ft, 3-4 Bars (-90dBm) ~4,000 sq ft, 5 Bars (-80dBm) ~8,000 sq ft)
  3. Boosts Voice, Text and Data Signals. Perfect cell phone signal booster if you are located very far away from the nearest cellular tower, or if your building materials obstruct a strong signal, i.e. metal roofs on home, office, shop, pole building, warehouse, etc.
  4. Based on originality Tru5 Technology. The only one separate 10 circuits channel, settle AT&T/T-mobile & Verizon cell tower near and far signal issue
  5. FCC Approved. Automatically adjusts system gain and power level to get the optimum result. No manual intervention needed.
  6. Easy Setup